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Nitrotyrosine ELISA Kit
id: LP-SKT-126-96

Labprice Nitrotyrosine ELISA Kit


Nitrotyrosine has been identified as a marker of inflammation and NO production. Nitrotyrosine is formed in presence of the active metabolite NO. Various pathways including the formation of peroxinitrite lead to nitrotyrosine production. Since nitrotyrosine is a stable end product of peroxynitrite oxidation, assessment of its plasma concentration may be useful as a marker of NO-dependent damage in vivo. Since NOX is only an indicator for enhanced NO production, protein associated nitrotyrosine might be a more suitable marker for damage induced by reactive nitrogen intermediates derived from NO. Furthermore, most proteins have a longer half life in the circulation than NOX levels. The presence of nitrotyrosine has been detected in various inflammatory processes including atherosclerotic plaques, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic renal failure and septic shock. In normal plasma low, undetectable, levels of nitrotyrosine are present. Nitrosylation of the amino acid tyrosine occurs both for free tyrosine and for protein bound tyrosine.

Description: Competitive ELISA kit used for quantitate Nitrotyrosine in Plasma, Serum, Cell Lysates, Urine samples from all species

Assay type: Competitive ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay)
Species reactivity: Species Independent
Sample types: Plasma, Serum, Cell Lysates, Urine
Sensitivity: 50 nM
Assay range: 62.5 - 8000 nM
Incubation t 1 hour
Number of samples per kit: 38 samples in duplicate
Method of detection: Colorimetric Assay

The kit is transported on ice packs (+4ºC). Upon receipt store at 4ºC. Non-hazardous item according to both ADR and UN regulations.

For research use only. Not to be used for human or animal treatment or diagnostics.