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Native Trypsin (TRY) recombinant protein
id: LP-4-NPA250Po01

Labprice Native Trypsin (TRY) recombinant protein


This recombinant protein is freeze-dried powder buffered in PBS, pH7.4.It is used for Positive Control, Immunogen, SDS-PAGE, WB.

Description: This is Native Trypsin (TRY) recombinant protein for positive control, Immunogen, SDS-PAGE, WB.freeze-dried powderPBS, pH7.4.

Origin species: Sus scrofa
Porcine (Pig)
Purity: > 90%
Tag information: N-terminal His-Tag
Isoelectric point: 7
Expression system/technique: Pig

This product has to be shipped on blue ice/+4 degrees Celsius. For long-term storage, prepare small aliquots and freeze those at -20 degrees Celsius.

For Research Use Only. Do Not Use in Diagnostics.